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Dark Circles Treatment London

A common question asked in clinic is ‘How can I remove dark circles under my eyes?' The answer is that you have more than one treatment option open to you to make them less noticeable. If you are concerned about your dark circles then read on to find out what you can do about them and how we can help.


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Why do people have dark circle treatments?

Looking tired

Dark circles under the eyes can make a person look tired and older than their actual age. It might be the case that you have plenty of energy and are well-rested, but your appearance means you regularly get comments about how ‘tired’ you look. The dark circle treatment is now becoming more popular for both men and women. People may feel they can conceal with makeup, but others do not want to or cannot apply products in this delicate area. You will read other websites mentioning ‘windows to the soul’ or other corny lines, but one of the main reasons why people have treatment is that they begin to feel tired.

An anti-ageing treatment

Reducing your dark eye circles could make a dramatic difference to your appearance. It could take years off your perceived age, and if some has been lost, restore some confidence in your appearance. As of 2023, due to the continued advancement of aesthetic technology, we now have so many options for a dark circles treatment

Why do dark circles form?

The cause of your dark circles is likely to be a combination of more than one factor. You may have always had those dark circles to some degree, but a temporary factor might have worsened their appearance. To get to the bottom of the cause, we should divide the possible reasons into two categories, temporary and long-standing.

Long-standing dark circles

If you have had dark circles for a fair amount of time, then you most probably have darker pigmentation (hyperpigmentation in the eye area) or thinner, paler skin making the blood vessels underneath more visible. Another possible cause is simply the physiological features of your eye socket, and tear trough mean dark circles show more. Depending on your age, the other possible factor could actually be the general process where facial features lose volume. The nasojugal groove is the area between the cheek and the lower eyelid. Another term for this area is tear troughs. Age-related tissue volume loss in this area can mean the nasojugal groove can start to become more prominent over time, leading to dark circles.

Suitable Treatments

What are the underlying causes of dark circles?

  • Genetics – Your dark circles could be hereditary. Research has shown that this complaint is often shared with other members of the family. Your skin may be simply just more prone to showing the blood vessels below the skin. Your genetic makeup may mean that your tear trough shows more or your eyes are slightly recessed.
  • Ethnicity – Dark circles are likely to appear if the patient has darker skin tones Or, It might just be because the circles appear to be a little bit darker. This is thought to be due to differences in levels of pigmentation under the eyes in darker skin types.
  • Ageing – Thinning of the skin, fatty tissue loss, and collagen depletion around the eyes are possible reasons. Loss of fatty tissue and thinning of the skin around the eyes are part of the ageing process. Any of these can make circles more noticeable.

Temporary dark circles

If your dark circles seem to come and go, you can assume that they are caused by one or more of the temporary reasons above. In the case of lack of (or maybe too much) sleep, for example, resuming a good sleep pattern should help. Sleep deprivation may also have the knock-on effect of the body not spending enough time in its healing phase. A change in habits may help. This follows for some of the other possible reasons, such as excess rubbing, trauma, dehydration, too much screen time, or a temporary skin condition.

Allergic reactions could be another factor. The obvious solution would be to try to work out what makes them appear and track back and avoid/change. You may find that they start to look more noticeable after changes are made. You might have thin skin already, but one of the temporary factors above causes dark circles to become more visible. Other possible factors often cited include poor diet, allergies, smoking, trauma, lifestyle choices, dermatitis, reduced fat in the area due to weight loss, and excessive sun exposure.

Dark eye circle treatments

Assuming your dark circles are not temporary, a few options are open to you to treat them, depending on the cause. If the cause is excess skin pigmentation, we have options to reduce this excess pigmentation. You also have restoring volume options open to you if the cause is volume loss. One of these is dermal fillers, specifically tear trough fillers. This simple and quick treatment uses a special type of hyaluronic acid filler and acts to effectively diminish the appearance of dark circles below the eyes.

ClearLift for dark circles.

A different approach is a treatment that works to stimulate the production of collagen. This type of procedure is being used more and more of late. The clearlift system is suitable for delicate areas and is suitable for all skin types. The idea behind this treatment is that it stimulates collagen and works to increase blood flow and other growth factors within the skin. It is collagen and elastin that work to promote skin rejuvenation.

It might be the case that this is a more suitable treatment for your particular case. The Clearlift system is often thought of as one of the most effective medical treatments for dark circles under the eyes. It has been used for a long time to reduce the appearance of dark circles and treat eye bags and loose skin. This fantastic device is also used to help with the puffy appearance of the eye area and can achieve excellent results when treating dark circles. It has many uses around the eye region under the general term ‘eye rejuvenation’. Excellent results have been achieved using dermal fillers and the clearlift system for a dual approach and combination in the same treatment area.

Dermal filler treatment for circles under the eyes

Depending on the reason for your dark circles, dermal fillers may be a good option to combat the tired look. The only viable ingredient for a dermal filler that is to be used for circles under the eyes is Hyaluronic acid (HA). The fact that HA is bio-compatible with our body makes it the only option for the delicate eye area. The injection process involves a thinner version of the traditional dermal filler injected into the skin at the site of the dark shadows below the eyes.

Profhilo for dark circles

Some doctors will say they use Profhilo to reduce dark circles, and some won’t. It might not be suitable for your particular case, but it will depend on a few factors. Profhilo may be recommended as part of a treatment plan if we feel that your skin needs to stimulate more growth factors and collagen or you are showing signs of dehydration around the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do eye circles treatments hurt?

All the treatments we perform will not hurt. However, mild discomfort is more likely to be described. In the case of Clearlift, patients describe a snapping sensation. With injectable treatments, we always offer numbing cream, and dermal fillers can either be given containing a small amount of anaesthetic or not if required.

Is there any downtime when having dark circles treated?

Clearlift is cited as a ‘lunchtime procedure’ with no downtime attached. In the case of dermal fillers, you may experience a small amount of swelling, bruising, and possibly redness around the eyes. This is always a possibility with injectable procedures. If you experience any swelling, this will tend to subside quickly. If you are prone to bruising, please mention it during the consultation, as we can give some recommendations to reduce the risk of this.

Which treatment is most effective for my eyes?

During the consultation, we will review your medical history to protect you from any possible risk factors for each treatment. We will thoroughly examine your condition and create a bespoke treatment plan to benefit your eyes and skin.

The point is that there are different approaches to providing relief for your dark circles. It really depends on the cause and extent of the problem. Which procedure we offer can only be decided after a consultation in the clinic.

If you want to see how we can help, book a free consultation and take the first step to gaining relief for your tired eyes and a more youthful appearance.


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