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Double Eye Lid Surgery (Korean Technique)

Also known as Asian blepharoplasty, Double eyelid surgery is performed by Award-winning ENT & Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Deniz Kanlaida. Dr Deniz performs this cosmetic surgery only in London at Derma Revive Skin Clinic.

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Treatment Time 30 - 60 mins

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Duration of Results Permanent

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Results 1 treatment recommended

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Downtime 3-4 weeks


The Double Eyelid Surgery ProcessConsiderations and Aftercare:FAQs

What Is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is a procedure that creates a crease in the upper eyelid. It is often performed on Asian patients to achieve a visible upper eyelid crease.

Popular Surgery

This extremely common surgery technique is one of the most popular surgeries among the Asian population. The surgery can correct asymmetry as well as achieve larger-looking eyes for the patient. Double eyelid surgery adds dimension and depth to the eyelids in the creation of an upper eyelid crease.

Eye-opening effects

The effect works to open up the eye. We use the Korean technique at Derma Revive for this Asian blepharoplasty procedure.  The Korean Technique refers to a specific approach or method used in performing double eyelid surgery that has gained popularity in South Korea. Read on and explore the details of Double Eyelid Surgery using the Korean Technique cosmetic procedure.

Other terms for double eye surgery

To avoid confusion,  we list below the interchangeable terms often used in place of double-eye surgery.

  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Asian blepharoplasty
  • Asian eyelid surgery
  • Asian double eyelid surgery
  • Double eyelid blepharoplasty

What is the Korean Technique?

The Korean technique is a form of Asian double eyelid surgery. It involves creating an incision in the upper eyelid, often in the eyelid fold area. This technique may also use partial incisions or non-incision methods with sutures. The goal is to create visible upper eyelid creases, with small incision marks hidden in the new crease. It may include removing excess fat or tissue.

Double Eyelid Surgery Costs

The cost for double eyelid surgery ranges from £3,500 to £4,000. This depends on individual requirements. During a consultation, a detailed price breakdown is provided to determine the exact cost.

It’s important to note that every individual’s anatomy and desired results are unique, and the Korean Technique of double eyelid surgery may not be suitable for everyone. It is crucial to consult with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who can assess your specific needs and goals and guide you through the best approach for your double eyelid surgery. They will provide personalised recommendations based on your individual circumstances to ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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About our Doctor

Award-winning ENT & Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon based in various locations such as Harley St and Liverpool St Clinic at Premier Laser & Skin.

Dr Deniz Kanliada has over 14 years of experience in the aesthetics and surgery field and has performed more than 2000 surgeries in Istanbul, UK and Cyprus.

Known as the “Nose King” by his clients & the media, he values consistent and excellent results. Dr. Deniz has been featured in press and TV, such as Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon of the Year 2019 Highly Commended Surgeon Award Winner! (Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards)

Eyelid Surgery Considerations and Aftercare:

As is the case with standard blepharoplasty, clients may experience symptoms such as pain, inflammation, swelling, and bruising temporarily.

Here are some tips for relieving eye irritation. As recommended by your doctor, use cold compresses regularly for the first 3 days. Apply a lubricating ointment or other prescription medication. Wear sunglasses outdoors until fully healed. Avoid sports, swimming, and sauna visits for 2 weeks. Avoid scratching your eyes for 5- days.

Follow your surgeon’s discharge instructions for the procedure. This will decrease your recovery time and minimise potential complications. Antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infections. If prescribed, take the full course, even if you feel completely cured. Be sure to report any signs of infection or post-operative side effects immediately. Bruising and scarring may persist for several weeks post-treatment.


Double Eye Lid FAQs

How do I know which surgical options are right for me?

If you are young, have thinner skin without excess on the upper lid, and prefer no cutting, non-incisional blepharoplasty may be ideal. It’s less suitable for those with larger fat deposits. Older patients with thicker, excess, puffy eyelid skin might find incisional blepharoplasty more appropriate. Your doctor will assess your upper eyelids to recommend the best technique for you.

Does Asian double eyelid surgery result in scarring?

Scarring is possible in all invasive surgeries. In Asian blepharoplasty, incisions are typically hidden in the eyelid crease, making scarring unnoticeable for most patients.

Is Asian blepharoplasty painful?

Asian blepharoplasty is generally not painful. It can be performed under local anaesthesia, with sedation if needed. Oral pain medication is usually sufficient post-surgery. Minimal pain is expected for the first two days, manageable with painkillers like paracetamol and ice application.

Do I need to wear bandages after the blepharoplasty?

Post-surgery, only sterile strips are used on the eyelids; no additional dressing is required.

How soon can I wear glasses or contact lenses after the surgery?

Glasses can be worn immediately after surgery. However, contact lenses should not be worn for three weeks post-surgery.

How soon can I shower, wash my face or wear eye makeup?

Avoid showering for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Keep shampoos, soaps, and products away from the eye area for the first week. Avoid eye makeup for two weeks.

Can I repeat the non-incisional blepharoplasty if I want enhanced results?

Non-incisional blepharoplasty can be repeated. Sutures can be removed and redone for improved results if desired.

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