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Ingrown Hair Removal London

Ingrown hair is a skin concern where hairs curl round and grown back into the skin.


What causes Ingrown Hairs?

What is ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair is a skin condition where hairs curl around and grow back into the skin. Ingrown hair most commonly appears in areas where the skin is shaved or waxed (beard, legs, pubic region); it can appear anywhere. They produce raised red spots, sometimes becoming infected and becoming painful pus-filled sores.

Anyone can get ingrown hairs, but they tend to be more of a problem in people with curly or coarse hair. Anything which causes the hair to be broken off unevenly with a sharp tip can cause ingrown hairs. Shaving is the leading cause, followed by waxing and tight clothing. If you are wondering what ingrown hair is? count yourself  lucky to have never experienced the annoyance!

What causes Ingrown Hairs?

An Ingrown hair is caused by a previously removed hair that starts to grow back and curves back into the skin. It is usually the hair removal method that is at fault. Shaving, tweezing or waxing are some of the hair removal methods that can cause this to happen.

Hair growth that turns to ingrown hairs can be itchy and embarrassing, but they often go away on their own without having to do anything. If they do not go away, ingrown hairs can become infected, darken the skin, or leave behind scars, especially if you have scratched or picked the ingrown hair areas.

Avoid shaving altogether to prevent ingrown hairs; select instead an option that will stop this from happening, such as Laser Hair Removal.

Ingrown hairs show as angry red and raised bumps on the skin, often with pus and discharge.

Does waxing cause ingrown hairs? is a question we often get asked. The answer is yes; this is one of the causes, especially ingrown hair on leg areas.

Whether you have ingrowing hair on leg, arm, or pubic areas, the good news is something can be done about it – Laser hair removal! Lasers are the perfect solution for all parts of the body and are especially popular for ingrown facial hair removal. This is because laser hair removal removes the hair by destroying the hair follicle itself. One of the best treatments you can get for the treatment of ingrown hairs!


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