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Gummy smile Treatment London

If you feel that you show too much gum when you smile you are not alone. A gummy smile is a common complaint that can be easily be expertly corrected here at Derma Revive Skin Clinic


What causes a gummy smile?

What is a gummy smile?

A gummy smile is an objective term that refers to the ratio of gum and teeth that are revealed when you smile or talk. Some patients are not concerned about this ratio, whereas others wish to lessen the amount of gum displayed when they smile.

Benefits of Gummy Smile Treatments

Gummy smile treatments offer a transformative impact on your smile aesthetics. These treatments, including Botox injections and dermal fillers, are designed to balance the gum-to-teeth ratio, enhancing the overall appearance of your smile. The treatments are minimally invasive with temporary effects, allowing patients to experience the change without a long-term commitment. The results are not just cosmetic; they may also contribute significantly to emotional well-being and social confidence.

Why Choose Derma Revive for Your Gummy Smile Treatment in London

At Derma Revive, we specialise in tailoring gummy smile treatments to individual needs. Our clinic stands out for its expert team, led by skilled professionals who understand the nuances of facial aesthetics. We use the latest techniques and high-quality products to ensure effective and safe treatments. Our patient-centric approach focuses on understanding your aesthetic goals and providing a comfortable treatment experience. With Derma Revive, you’re choosing a clinic that values precision, personalisation, and patient satisfaction above all.

Suitable treatments for a gummy smile

There are a few surgical options and also orthodontic options involving crowns and veneers open to you. If you are looking for a non-surgical solution, expertly placed anti-wrinkle injections can give good results. The advantage of the injectable option is that it is temporary (It will last approximately 4 months), allowing you to decide whether it’s something you want.  

Anti Wrinkle injections, in some cases, with the addition of lip filler treatments.

Suitable Treatments

What causes a gummy smile?

As mentioned, a gummy smile is to do with the amount of gum vs the area of teeth showing when you smile. So, anything that throws this ratio off is a potential cause. Enlarged gum tissue, or excess gum tissue, small teeth in relation to gum size, and an upper lip that is on smaller size are a few of the most common reasons for having a gummy smile. Problems with the muscle that control’s the upper lip are sometimes the culprit.

If you think you have a gummy smile and wish to do something about it, then book a consultation at Derma Revive Skin Clinic. We will be happy to offer you our expert opinion and offer you a tailored treatment plan.

The Procedure of Gummy Smile Correction

Detailed Consultation

The gummy smile correction procedure at Derma Revive begins with a detailed consultation to assess your smile and discuss desired outcomes. Following this, a personalised treatment plan is developed. The procedure typically involves administering Botox injections or dermal fillers to targeted areas to adjust the gum visibility when smiling. The process is quick, usually completed within 30 minutes.

Safety and Comfort Measures

Your safety and comfort are paramount at Derma Revive. We use only approved, high-quality injectables and ensure all procedures are performed under strict hygienic conditions. Our clinicians are trained to administer treatments with minimal discomfort, and we provide aftercare advice to manage any mild post-procedure sensations.

Recovery and Aftercare

Post-treatment, patients can expect to resume normal activities almost immediately. Mild swelling or redness may occur but typically resolves within a few days. We advise avoiding strenuous activities for 24 hours and provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure optimal healing and results.

Who is a Good Candidate for Gummy Smile Treatment

Ideal candidates for gummy smile treatment are individuals who are self-conscious about the appearance of their gums when smiling. Those with a disproportionate gum-to-teeth ratio, caused by factors like hyperactive upper lip muscles or small teeth, can benefit significantly. Candidates must be in good general health and have realistic expectations about the treatment outcomes.



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