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Scar Treatment London

Scarring can be caused by acne, stretch marks and skin trauma and is often tricky to reduce.


What causes Scarring?

Treating Scarring

Using micro-needling and other laser scar removal treatments, you can treat acne scars or black spots caused by excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria in the pores of your skin

Microneedling with Dermapen is a new technique. The Dermapen is passed over the area to be treated and inserts tiny needles into the skin, leaving minute puncture wounds. These tiny punctures trigger the body’s wound-healing response and encourage the body to renew the skin cells in that area. As the body repairs the skin, collagen and elastin are produced, plumping the area and reducing scars immediately. In addition to reducing black spots, the skin will also repair itself.

Suitable Treatments

What causes Scarring?

When the skin is injured, and there is a break in the body’s tissues, the body produces collagen to build up to where the tissue has been damaged.

Skin wounds can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • injuries,
  • surgery,
  • burns and scalds,
  • acne scarring,
  • weight loss, and
  • pregnancy.



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